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Games that disappointed you the most.

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Games that disappointed you the most.

Post by Leb on Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:34 pm

We have enough threads already where we praise THIS GAME, but for every good game you know, there's at least two crappy games that you know and may have even played, God give you strength. Here's where we tell erryone just why you think THIS GAME is the worst thing since nazis or the plague.

Like most people, I was hyped up on this game for being the prettied up version of SimLife+SimEarth+whatever Sim game there was that it was told to include within one single perfect game. I even bought the god damn Galactic Edition. To this day, the box lays where I tossed it years back after I finished playing the game after a week or two or so, which was around the time I got around to reach the Galactic stage and the 2nd playthrough did not spark any kind of good feeling.

It was the last time I expected a game so much I bought it ASAP after it launched/arrived to Finland. I can't buy games anymore without a few weeks of gathering intel from various sources, which has saved me from a few severe cases of disappointment(see: the Mass Effect 3 thread).

The game manages to be an amusing screwed up life-simulator up to the Creature level, which is over way too soon and then in come the Tribal and City levels which don't take that much longer to finish and pave your way to the horror that is the Galactic level, where you zoom around with your spess-ship and have to return from the center of the god damn galaxy because the army you gathered in the previous level is now gone/unable to shoot down 3 pirates that are blowing your entire civilization to piles of radioactive dust(and the defense satellite you can buy for 500k spess bucks or whatever won't be enough to defend the planet).

So like many have already said in much more detail, Spore is a big pile of disappointment and broken promises, with funny shoes and a stupid end-game thrown in BECAUSE, SCREW YOU. It would have been a better game if the last stage was Tribal, and after you hit City level of intelligence, a slideshow is presented while "Hello Goodbye" by the Beatles plays in the background, while you're shown snapshots of RNG-picked special events that happened to your species during their way to becoming the #1 creature on the planet.

MC is the sort of game that I sat down in front of a bunch of hours, toiling away to build some stupid underwater mansion of my own, with an underwater garden and mushroom fields and so on, while happy about the total freedom I had.

Then one day it dawns on me how small the game actually is. There aren't a lot of creatures or enemies, which have the AI with the complexity of a Doom imp(although I'm probably praising the MC AI too much here). The only thing I can think of MC being good for is building some crazy project, then taking a picture or making a video about it, bonus points if you do it on the Adventure mode or whatever it's called, Survival? Problem is that you might as well play with legos if you want to build some crazy thing, and I would feel more accomplished with playing a real life children's toy than the PC version of a children's toy. At least there wouldn't be any green jerks trying to blow me and everything I work for up skyhigh, although if you play Survival to make your megaconstruct and then whine in the forums how creepers/slendermen/whatever-you-pussy are ruining your buildings, please go and kill yourself you god damn idiot, you are what is wrong with everything in the world these days you cancerous growth of society.

Overall, MC has always felt to me like a game that had a lot of promise, but then the Dev decided to say "screw it" and just start building upwards instead of expanding what was already set, resulting in a game that has a bit of everything, but not enough of anything to keep my interest for more than 30 minutes before I realize I could be playing something I actually find intriguing. Of course there are mods but my experience with them, and the community regarding installation and whatever, left such a sour taste in my mouth that you might as well say they faceraped me with a lemon or two, shaped like the phallic extension of a well-endowed stallion.

Mass Effect 3
I'm not even going to go in this thing when there's a whole god damn thread that is more crying than discussion. It was bad. I know it's bad. I've heard it's bad. I've seen it's bad. I haven't even bought it, never will and the franchise is forever dead to me unless Mass Effect 4 manages to be the second coming of Jesus Christ, this time as a timetraveling cyborg from a dystopian future, and he's here to recruit me as his sidekick to destroy the malfunctioning AI of Pluto that is actually a demon sealed in the corpse of God.

What disappoints me about this series, is that there still isn't a god damn new F-Zero game after GX on Gamecube. Meanwhile we get Mario Bazillion: This Time With Bullettime.

Faster Than Light
I found out about this game shortly before it was actually released, but it seemed like a great game. Then it came out and it was only an okay game. Everything hangs on RNG so much, that whether or not you manage to even get to the last section of the game is rolled right after you hit New Game. Combine that with bad luck and worse luck, and you're lucky if any of your starting crew members are even alive half-way into the game(exaggeration perhaps, but yeah). The rebel fleet chasing you gives some sense of urgency and makes it look like you really are a messenger with information that can turn the tide of the war around, but then you reach the end of the game and suddenly you turn from the messenger into the appointed juggernaut of the Alliance fleet, which may or may not be right after you reach the final area with 1 HP left and 0 credits.

The game could have been a bit more, maybe even go as crazy as add a strategy element to the last stage where you need to command the Alliance fleet VS the rebels and their flagship, but I guess what we got is okay. At least there are Achievements for you to show off online with, right?

That's all I can think of right now. Start whining, you people!

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Re: Games that disappointed you the most.

Post by Tom Gaskarth on Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:45 am

Spore was horrifically disappointing for all the reasons Leb said.

Star Wars: The Old Republic read TORtanic

Pokemon Black/White: Easymode, 18 hours completed nothing left to do. LAMECITY especially seen as HeartGold/SoulSilver came out before it with dem 16 Gyms.

Torchlight 2: Just not as interesting as 1

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