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Post by Evangel on Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:31 pm

Manwha, pretty much the Korean version of Manga. It's quite different from manga, at least from the couple series I've read. First of all, it would appear that for the most part, Mangwha is based more realistically than Manga. The series that contain Martial Arts focus on Korean Martial Arts. They contain more mature content, also.

It might just be me from the Manga and Manwha series I've read, but this is what I've deduced.

For example, Unbalancex2 is a Manwha about a teacher-student relationship. In which, is basically a love net. Yes, love NET, not triangle. Here's what I mean:

........................................v-Student's Friend(F)................
Student(F)->Teacher(F)<->Student(M)<->Graduated Friend(F)
........................................^-Teacher's Half-Sister.............

Not to mention there's a lot of... Fan-service, if you know what I mean.

Then there's this other Manwha called Veritas, which is a very Korean Martial Arts-heavy series (although fantasized and exaggerated) centered around the disciple of a powerful MA Master. There's a lot of brutal fights, foul language thrown around, what would appear to be some sort of underlying love interest, in the end the main "villain" of the series kills off an entire school filled with her fellow students to preserve the "traditional" Korean Martial Arts way.

Compared to Bleach or Naruto, they are based on fantasy, really, having little basis in reality and are, well, for younger audiences.

You can see what I mean by going here:

Freezing, Veritas. Onihime VS, The Breaker, and Unbalancex2 are the Manwha I've read in the past week or two that have REALLY took my interest. When I got the the latest/ last chapter, with every series I went "OH WHAT THE $%&^@!!!" And wanted to see more, especially Veritas which ended on a cliffhanger.

The only problems I have with Manwha versus Manga is that the names aren't pronounced as you read them in Korean, whereas with Japanese, you can get pretty close to the pronunciation of the names. There's also the honorifics I have trouble with, also, since I'm familiar with Japanese honorifics more so.

I digress.

What I made this thread for is to discuss Manwha. I'm not sure if anyone else have read any here, but with the relatively recent crack-down publishers had with Manga, and with quite a few online "leecher" sites either closing down (OneManga) or removing many Manga series from their databases (MangaToshokan), I feel that it helped me be guided towards Manwha and that many others would be drawn to it, also.

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Re: Manwha

Post by Altera on Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:14 am

I enjoy reading Yureka (published by Tokyopop as iD_eNTITY) and PHD Phantasy Degree (which is sorta on hiatus for now).

On a side note...
@Evangel: Try Manga Reader it has most series available there.
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Re: Manwha

Post by Rixuel on Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:17 am

i like the manwha Id

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Re: Manwha

Post by Sponsored content

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