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General Bestiary (Ongoing)

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General Bestiary (Ongoing)

Post by Xusha on Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:06 am

Not sure what sorts of beasts you might run into during your adventures? Let this thread address all of your concerns, and possibly help you with a detailed explanation of each. If one wishes to have a beast of legend added, please do ask. I will work my best to get it up promptly. Some may not see the purpose of this thread, and I will state now that it will act as a general, flexible encyclopedia of any beasts that one may come in contact with during travel. Including one of these beasts is generally a great way to add some spice to a dull RP, just as long as every post does not introduce a dragon! Even Galanoth has his limits.

The Acromantula:

Although very intelligent, the Acromantula is classified as an animal. In general, it prefers dry and dark corners. The Darkovian Forest is a place very conducive to its reproduction. Moving from the egg to larva, its size will change from a few centimeters to over four meters in circumference at adulthood. Equipped with eight eyes and two mandibles loaded with a rare venom , it could easily take care of one in their sleep with just the first bite. The Acromantula is impossible to domesticate and represents a significant danger to those who try to approach her to try. It spins on the floor of the dome-shaped canvases.

The Dragon:

The dragon is a legendary creature represented as a gigantic reptile that is scaly, and generally able to breathe fire and fly with leathery wings like those of bats.
The dragons are a rare breed. Some specimens reside in the mountains and other caves around the lands of Lore. They are said to often be based upon a treasure, but again, it depends on the dragon.
Some breeds are endowed with intelligence and speech, while others serve as frames of war. Some also other specimens of white dragons, black dragons, and gold dragons presumably have scales that are very good material for armor.
The red dragons are powerful creatures with their attack capabilities, but also their defenses.
Dragons attack with their claws and fangs, but also with their wings (which can severely hinder you). They also usually have the ability to spit fire. Moreover, dragons have the ability to see invisible creatures, so they are immune against sneak attacks and have somewhat of an immunity to magic.
It is very difficult to tame a dragon. These creatures often have only one descendant. The egg of a dragon must be kept under certain conditions, as it is the greatest asset of a dragon and it is highly advisable not to approach him under pain of immediate death.


The dryads are generally described as very shy creatures who only show up rarely. It also said that the Dryads were coming from a tree called "tree of Hesperides. According to legend, some of them were in the Garden of the Hesperides to protect the golden apples from the garden contained. The Dryads are not immortal, but can live very long. Among the best known, there are particular Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus.
It is also said that some dryads are born from a tree, and when it is cut it will die with him. So, be sure to exercise extreme caution the next time you decide to cut down a tree near Arcane Grove.


The griffin has the head and forelegs of a giant eagle, but the body and hind legs of a lion.
While the griffin is a beast of prey and very suspicious, some especially clever few wizards have succeeded in taming the griffins. They are often used to keep their master's treasures, if this be the case.

The Undead (In Progress):

This is particularly interesting: Beings died capable of moving and acting.
Here I speak of skeletons, zombies, liches, ghouls and undead brief physical and spectra, the ectoplasm, spirits or undead immaterial objects.
However, it is necessary to segregate the Vampire, which is addressed in the[url= C.htm]Races And classes[/url] thread, and is in a class of its own. Anything else that has died and has returned in any means, is in this category.

The Manticores:

The manticore is a legendary creature described as a terrible man-eater that devours its prey in its entirety just to leave anything. It proves to be unconscious of approaching one of its creatures, especially to parley. Not convinced? Maybe you will guard against these rare but destructive creatures.
A gigantic animal, it generally takes the form a red lion. It will relieve the fear and loneliness any weak soul who faces his eyes. Its claws are twisted and spun, his teeth are cut saw, and his tail, which bypasses is bristling with spears, it starts to wait for random things in a way the victim and the poison. (Even with only one hit by these poisons you will end up paralyzed for at least thirty minutes)


It is an established fact that the nymphs are creatures of great beauty and are immortal. As close to nature than their counterparts dryads, they have the power to metamorphose depending on who lived backup. Nymph water or forests, they like to play on appearances and entertainment for a few laps lost travelers. Typically, their metamorphosis is their girth and thus transformed, everything would be withdrawn or decided on the form not find it posted on human creature once again become anthropomorphic. Look for them generally in natural forests or to the River.


Trolls are fierce carnivores, known to us as ruthless killers.
All trolls have the ability to regenerate and most of them can be killed easily only with fire or acid. When a troll is more aware, it is important to burn and dissolve it if you want to avoid seeing him rise and fight again. Trolls are massive mountains of muscle covered with a thick skin. Large and unintelligent, they are still a force to reckon with! As a general rule a Troll does not like the light that burns their eyes. They prefer caves and places hidden by branches, such as forests. Marshes are also their paradise, So be sure to avoid them whenever possible.
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Re: General Bestiary (Ongoing)

Post by Arch Fiend on Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:33 pm


Yokai are spirits mostly brought into existince though ppls emotions or phycology. yokai can be big or small in any shape form and power, there are many many dif kinds of yokai spirits, the yokai are also known to have there own homeworld in the spirit realm in the yokai world (as seen in the chaos arc in aqw) but apper to have no real sociaty.


this group which includes goblins, hobgoblins, orcs and half-orc are human like creatures of varying size between 4 and 7 feed tall. most seek power and personal gain and unlike many grunts thay have a streek of cuning as warriors and hunters.

deathgazers (beholder standins to avoid copyright):

deathgazers are powerfly magical creatures who focus magical energys into a beam weapon utilized by its single eye. thay are magicly flooting orbs with stalks which there 2ndary eyes are held by, some deathgazers can fire beams out of those to. thay have a large central mouth under there main eye filled with many teeth. thay prefer dark and damp envirnments but in the quest for power will venture anywhere.


zards are a extremly addaptive creature that somehow came about from both frogs and dragons (puting a dragon egg under a toad perhaps???) and have many dif sub-speces with all sorts of distructive power, zards have recently evolved into humanoid zardmen, brutal fighters will defend there homeland while pillaging villages far and wide, thay have leard to use tools and weapons to fight more powerful heros.


not creatures but living elements, thay have endless potintal of power and distructive abilitys, in a whole elemintals are a peaceful ppl, but after so long of humanoids abusing lore and its natural beauty some elementals have tryed to extermanate all those that threaten lore
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